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How to use the home page Counter

To use the counter script you need to add yourself to our "Users" database.

I forgot my code number....

The home page counter allows Access Orlando users to keep track of hits on their home page or any other page. There are several different styles of digits available as well as an option for you to use your own digit graphics! Also you have the ability to reset your counter back to 0 and draw a colored frame around the counter. Counters "a" and "d" pictured below have frames around them. Also you can have the image displayed interlaced or non-interlaced.
IMPORTANT: Your page must be listed in the Access Orlando Users Database for the counter to work. You can test how the counter will look while you are designing your page if you are not listed in the Users Database by using the correct format, the counter will simply return all 0s. As soon as you are listed, the counter will start counting.

This counter was generated by the following line:
<img src="http://www.ao.net/cgi-bin/ucount.cgi?username:a:f,255,0,0:n">
All the important stuff is after the "?". Notice there are 4 "fields" seperated by colons.

To reset your counter, type the following line in your browser's Location field:
use the word "reset" where you would use your username, then your username, and in the third field your secret code number.

If you have forgotten your code number, type the following line in your browser's Location field:
use the word "sendcode" where you would use your username, then your username. Your code number and instructions will be emailed to you at username@ao.net.

Please direct any questions to: webmaster@ao.net.

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