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How to use Domain Mailback Forms

The mailback form allows Access Orlando domain users to add comment forms to their pages. The information in the form is parsed and e-mailed to the specified address along with the form setup and date the form was submitted.

To use the mailback form you need to create an HTML form like the one below. Use the method "POST" and action "http://www.ao.net/cgi-bin/wwwmail.cgi". The only required field is the hidden field with the name "_user" that has the value of YOUR FULL E-MAIL ADDRESS.

Two optional hidden fields may be added to allow a return URL to be placed at the end of the standard response, or the return of an HTML document that is in your directory.

If you specify no options, (only "_user" field specified) the response is:

Thank you for using Access Orlando mailback forms


Clicking return will return you to Access Orlando main page.

If you specify the optional hidden field "_url", the default response is returned but the address in the "Return" link will be will be replaced with the value you specify (be sure to use a full link), for example:

Thank you for using Access Orlando mailback forms


Or, if you specify the optional hidden field "_file", the response that is returned is the HTML file you specify in the value (be sure to use correct file name, also preceed the file name with your domain name, see example below), for example your HTML file named "thanks.html" might look like:

Thanks for your comment.

Talk to me anytime.
Back to my page

NOTE: The "_file" field superceeds the "_url" field since the "_file" field returns a user specified document and the default response is not sent. The remaining fields can be text, buttons, or any HTML form input tag, including other hidden fields.

The following example shows a form that returns an e-mail address and a comment. Notice the hidden inputs "_user", "_url", and "_file". The "_url" field has no effect in this example since the "_file" field is specified. It is only included for example purposes. Also the name field in the text input (or any input field) can be real discriptive words and not just one word code names like "mail_address".

Example HTML code:

<form method="post" action="http://www.ao.net/cgi-bin/wwwmail.cgi">
<input type="hidden" name="_user" value="joe@mybiz.com">
<input type="hidden" name="_url" value="http://www.mybiz.com">
<input type="hidden" name="_file" value="mybiz.com/thanks.html">
Enter your E-Mail address:<br>
<textarea name="E-mail Address" cols=40></textarea>
Enter your Comment:<br>
<textarea name="Your Comment" rows=3 cols=40></textarea>
<input type="submit" value="Send it!">

The e-mail you receive will look like:

X-POP3-Rcpt: username@eola
Return-Path: www@www.ao.net
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 1996 10:27:13 -0500
Reply-to: joe@mybiz.com
From: Access.Orlando.Mailback.Form@www.ao.net
Subject: Form Posted from Access Orlando
Apparently-To: joe@mybiz.com


_user = joe@mybiz.com

_url = http://www.mybiz.com/

_file = mybiz.com/thanks.html

E-mail Address = somebody@somewhere.com

Your Comment = Cool mailback form.

Wednesday, April 03, 1996 at 10:27:13 (EST)

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