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How to change your contact information if the e-mail address is not correct.

Note: Network Solutions proceedures may change without notice and may render this document incorrect.

Read all instructions for the change procedure before doing the change.

1) Go to http://www.networksolutions.com.
2) Select "Make Changes".
3) Enter a domain name that is accociated with the contact information.
4) Select "Expert" from the forms option.
5) Select "Contact Form".
6) Enter the NIC number, your CURRENT e-mail address, select Modify and click "Proceed to: contact Information".
7) Make sure that MAIL-FROM is checked and click "Go on to Contact Information".
8) Fill out all the changed information on the form.
9) Click "Proceed to: Set Authorization Scheme".
10) Make sure that MAIL-FROM is checked, fill out your CURRENT e-mail address and click "Generate Contact Form".
11) If the information is correct, click "Mail this Contact Form to me".
12) "Reply" to the e-mail you receive.
13) You will receive another e-mail stating you are not the correct person to make the changes. In the subject line of the e-mail there will be a NIC tracking number. Write this down.
14) Go to http://www.networksolutions.com.
15) Select "Make Changes".
16) Enter the domain name that you want the information changed on.
17) Select "Expert" from the forms option.
18) Select "Form to authorize personal contact record modifications" near the bottom of the list.
19) Fill out the information and the NIC tracking number.
20) Submit this form.
21) Cut and paste the form results into a word processor document and print on company letterhead. (This assumes the letterhead of the company is the same as the company that owns the domain.)
22) Sign the document and FAX it to Network Solutions at the number provided.
23) You will receive a confirmation e-mail that the domain has been updated.

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