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Many Users and Domain owners ask about submitting their site to search engines. There is no real secret to getting listed in a search engine. When you go to the home page of the search engine you will usually see a link (sometimes it seems well hidden) that reads "Add my site" or "Add my URL" or something similar. Click that link. Follow the instructions on the submission page. The instructions will tell you how many sites and how often to submit your site. Once you submit your URL the search engine will index your page. This may take a few hours or a few days. The search engine will continue to index your page on a regular basis, so any time you change the content of your pages it will be automatically updated. Also most search engines will follow any links on your pages, this means that any pages in your site will automatically be indexed as well. There is no need to submit any other pages in your site. (Submitting all the individual pages of your site may actually get you kicked off a search engine). One more thing, a search engine may decide not to list your page. This could be for any number of reasons and unless you contact the search engine owner you will not be given a reason.

How do you get listed at the top of the search listings? The best rule is to use keywords and descriptions that relate to the material in your site and avoid the so called "tricks to get better listings".

Access Orlando's search engine page has links to many popular search engines.

Some more information on search engines (taken from various marketing information sources):

* Infoseek, Alta Vista, and HotBot ban web sites which break their rules (many of the 'insider' techniques most experts recommend will get you banned faster than you could imagine).

* Many search engines limit the number of pages you can submit from your domain (some only allow you to submit one page for best results).

* Yahoo only lists about 1% of the web in their actual directory.

* Using a so-called search engine submission software that submits your site to 1,000 or more search engines could actually get your page deleted from the major search engines.

* 95% of Internet traffic originates at one of the 10 major search engines...If you're not listed, you might as well not even have a web site!

* Choosing the most effective 'keywords' is one of the major keys to a successful web site submission...Pick the right ones and your web site will look like Grand Central Station during rush hour!

More information on search engines and submission tips may be found at Search Engine Watch

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