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Microsoft Internet Mail

The following instructions are based on the Windows 95 version of Microsoft Internet Mail, but should be similar or the same for the Windows 3.x and Macintosh versions.

The first time you run Internet Mail it will start it's setup wizard. These instructions are for people that have already been through the setup, but can't get it to work or want to fine-tune it's settings.

While running Internet Mail:

How to set Internet Mail to be IE's default mail client:

If you have Internet Explorer 3.x, you can set it's Mail button (you'll see it while running Internet Explorer) to start Internet Mail. Note: If you have Internet Explorer 2.x there is no mail button, if you have Internet Explorer 4.x, you should be using Outlook Express for e-mail.

Internet Mail should automatically go online and your new messages when you start it and also should send out messages that you write automatically. If you ever need to send or receive messages 'manually' click it's Send & Receive button.

For more information about Internet Mail or to download a newer version of it (if available), go to http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/ie3/imn.htm

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