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Pegasus Mail 3.01b

The following instructions are based on the Windows 95/98 version of Pegasus Mail 3.01b, but should be similar or the same for the Windows 3.x and Macintosh versions, including any release over version 3.0.

The first time you run Pegasus Mail it will start it's setup and will take you through some of it's options. These instructions are for people that have already been through the setup, but can't get it to work or want to fine-tune it's settings.

While running Pegasus Mail:

To check for new mail, click File from the top, then click Check host for new mail.

Pegasus Mail has very good built-in help which we highly recommend that you read. To access it, click Help from the top, then Help index. For online information about Pegasus Mail or to download a newer version of it (if available), go to http://www.pegasus.usa.com/

Pegasus Mail is free software who's costs are covered by users that purchase Pegasus Mail manuals. For that reason, the authors will not provide technical support for Pegasus Mail users that have not purchased a manual - but they do answer questions on Pegasus Mail's mailing lists. If you need thorough documentation, especially for Pegasus Mail's advanced features, you can find out about ordering the manuals by clicking the green $ on the toolbar.

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