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Upload your web pages with WS_FTP

NOTE: The following instructions are for publishing to personal web sites. For publishing to commercial domain name sites refer to Setting up your domain on Access Orlando in our Customer Support section.

These instructions are based on WS_FTP LE 4.60 for Windows 95/98 but should apply to other recent releases and versions for Windows 3.x as well.

To access your web site use the location:

After clicking OK, your computer will "connect" with ao.net You will see a list on the left side of the window which will be your web page files on your computer, and on the right side will be a list of files on ao.net. Double-Click on the directory public_html and place your web files in this directory.

For help on transferring files with WS_FTP, click the Help button.

When you're done uploading your files, click the Close button, then the Exit button. Your updated homepage will be immediately viewable. If still looks like it did before the update, click your browser's Refresh/Reload button.

Now that you have your "My Homepage" profile set up, from now on you just have to start WS_FTP, select "My Homepage" from the Session Properties list, and click OK.

More information and new releases of WS_FTP can be found at http://www.gabn.net/junodj/ws_ftp32.htm

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