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Access Orlando is no longer providing dial-up or ADSL Internet Access Services

Setting up your Access Orlando account with Mac Open Transport Setup
OS 8.0 and up

What You Need to Get Started:
Your Access Orlando username
Your Access Orlando password

Note: your username and password are always in lowercase.
Note: Before you start, be SURE your modem is properly configured using "Control Panels"

1. Go under the apple menu (top left corner of the screen; looks like an apple) to control panels and more specificly the control panel, "TCP/IP".

2. This control panel has two pulldown menus, a box for name server addresses, and another box that says, "search domans". The first pulldown menu should be set to, "PPP". The 2nd should be set to, "ppp server". In the name server address box, you should put our dns numbers in which are: and . and in the box that says search domains, enter "ao.net"

3. Close out of that and select 'save' when asked to save changes.

4. Go back to control panels and this time select the "Remote Access" control panel. (****In system 8.0 + 8.1 the control panel is called 'PPP'. It's the exact same thing, only with a different name***)

5. Enter the username followed by @ao.net (so it appears as username@ao.net in the first box, the password in the 2nd, and the phone number in the 3rd. there's an optional box to checkmark for saving the password.

6. Click connect, and it will dial

Dialup Numbers Digital: 28.8, K56flex, V.90, ISDN:
Lake Mary, Sanford:

Server Names:
SMTP/POP3: mail.ao.net
News/NNTP: news.ao.net

Support questions not answered here?
Email support@ao.net or call 407-541-0773

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