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Multiple mail accounts with Netscape Communicator 4.05

These instructions are based on Netscape Communicator 4.05 running under Windows 95/98, but should apply to Windows 3.x and Macintosh versions, including versions 4.0 through 4.07. These instructions do not apply to Unix (Linux) versions of Communicator.

These instructions require that you have Netscape Communicator working with your primary mail account. If you don't, see the regular Netscape Communicator.

In these instructions, we'll set up two mail accounts. For example purposes the secondary e-mail address will be username2@ao.net You should obviously replace every occurance of this below with your actual e-mail addresses.

These steps will create multiple profiles for Communicator which allow you to keep seperate e-mail, newsgroups, bookmarks, and other settings.

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Move to Programs
  3. Move to Netscape Communicator
  4. Move to Utilities
  5. Click User Profile Manager
  6. To add a second profile:

Netscape Communicator will now start, using the new profile. If you get a window asking if you'd like to register Navigator as your default browser, answer yes - this "tells" Windows that Netscape is your favorite browser.

If you want to set Communicator to "remember" your mail password:

If you have more than two e-mail addresses, you can create additional profiles for each. Exit from Communicator and go through steps 1-6 again.

To switch between profiles, exit from Communicator, start it again, select the appropriate profile from the list, and click the Start Communicator button.

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