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Multiple mail accounts with Microsoft Outlook Express

These instructions are for users who have multiple e-mail accounts. These instructions require that you have your primary mail account setup and working. If you do not, see the regular Outlook Express.

In these instructions, we'll set up two mail accounts. For example purposes the primary e-mail address will be username1@ao.net and your second will be username2@ao.net You should obviously replace every occurance of these below with your actual e-mail addresses.


  1. Start Outlook Express
  2. Click Tools from the top
  3. Click Accounts
  4. Click the Mail tab
  5. Here you should have one line listed that looks similar to this:
    mail.ao.net  Mail (default)  Dial-Up: the name of the connection with Access Orlando
    That is the "profile" (settings) for your primary mail account.
  6. Click mail.ao.net once to highlight it
  7. Click the Properties button
  8. Change the first blank from mail.ao.net to username1@ao.net
  9. Click Apply, click OK
  10. To set up username2

    Note: if you have more than two mail accounts, repeat step #10 for each additional account.

  11. Click Close

To Get Mail

To Send Mail

  1. Click Compose Message
  2. Write your message
  3. Click File from the top
  4. Move to Send Message Using
  5. Click which e-mail address you want the message to be from

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