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Multiple mail accounts with Pegasus Mail 3.01b

The following instructions are based on the Windows 95/98 version of Pegasus Mail 3.01b, but should be similar or the same for the Windows 3.x and Macintosh versions, including any release over version 3.0.

These instructions are for users who have multiple e-mail accounts. These instructions require that you have your primary mail account setup and working. If you do not, see the regular Pegasus Mail first.

Mail account number 2 will be refered to as username2@ao.net. Replace all occurances of this below with your actual second e-mail address.

In these instructions, we'll be using Pegasus Mail's Identity features. Using this method, you can easily switch between accounts. All mail for all accounts will be stored in the same set of folders.


Your primary mail account is your <Default> identity, and your second will be referred to as the username2@ao.net identity. You'll need to replace every occurance of this below with your actual second e-mail address.

  1. Start Pegasus Mail
  2. Click Tools from the top
  3. Click Identities
  4. Click the Add button
  5. Click once on username2@ao.net to highlight it
  6. Click the Become button. You are now using your username2@ao.net identity.
  7. Click Tools from the top
  8. Click Options
  9. Under the General tab you can change the real name for this mail account. For example, if your son will be using this mail account, enter his name next to Personal name.
  10. Click the Network tab:

Note: If you have more than two mail accounts, repeat steps 2 through 10 for each account.

Switching Between Accounts:

To switch between accounts, use the Identity list on Pegasus Mail's toolbar which will look something like this:

When you switch between identities, what you are really doing is selecting a new set of configuration settings. Each identify can have it's own account, e-mail address, real name, color settings, etc. To get or send mail from one particular account, simply select the identity from the list, then check for mail or send out mail as you normally would.

For more information about Identities, see Pegasus Mail's built-in help (the Help menu -> Help Index).

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