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Access Orlando is no longer providing dial-up or ADSL Internet Access Services

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What is ADSL

ADSL is a new technology that allows data to be passed at high speeds over existing telephone lines--up to 50 times faster than regular telephone modems. Download speeds can be as high as 1.5Mbps, and upload speeds 256Kbps. ADSL connections are constantly "live" which means that there are never any busy signals or disconnects. Because of the way ADSL carries data, it does not interfere with the voice signals that it shares a wire with. This means that you can use the telephone and be connected to the Internet on the same phone line at the same time.

ADSL service through Access Orlando gives you the same features as a dial-up account--only at much higher speeds!


Pricing data for ADSL not available at this time. Please check back later or call 407-541-0773 for more information.


To use this fast new Internet technology, PC users need a 100MHz or faster processor and a 10baseT Ethernet card. Macintosh users need a PowerPC or better machine with MacOS 7.55 or better, and a 10baseT Ethernet card.

Since ADSL is such a new technology, not all telephone equipment is prepared to carry it. Please use the form below to request availability information in your area. You will usually receive a response from us the next business day after your request.

If ADSL is available in your area, you will need to send us a letter of authorization to begin the connection process. Click here and print the letter. Then mail or FAX the letter to us.

Disclaimer: Availability and system requirements subject to change. Check this webpage or contact Access Orlando for further information and future updates.

ADSL Request Form

Please fill out the following form to receive information about ADSL availability in your area. There is no obligation to buy. All information submitted is held in the strictest of confidence, and will only be used to verify ADSL availability in your area.

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