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Author Biographical Notes

      Fred Miller lives with his wife Charlotte in Carrollton, GA, 30117. He became a Christian under the ministry of Elmer Kyle's Go Ye Chapel Mission, in New York City, in 1948. He attended Eastern Christian Institute, Kentucky Christian College, and Lincoln Christian College, in the years 1951 to 1955. He graduated from Midwestern School of Evangelism, Ottumwa, Iowa, in 1957. The same year he established a mission, starting new churches in New England, which he continued for 21 years. At that time (1958) he was ordained as a missionary-evangelist by Evangelists John Van Voorhis and Sheldon Stoner. Also during those years he earned two Masters Degrees: Master of Sacred Literature in Religion from the School of Evangelism in Ottumwa, Iowa and Master of Science in Education from Elmira College, Elmira, New York. He taught in public schools in Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York for nine years while pioneering churches in New England. In addition to this he also did graduate studies at Missouri State University in Kirksville, and a full year at Castleton State Teachers College in Vermont and standardized for Vermont state certification in education at the University of Vermont in Burlington,VT (1962).

      A local church related Bible College in Rutland, Vermont, recently reopened, was established under his direction, where he taught Bible, History, Greek, and Hebrew, for almost ten years. His proficiency in biblical Hebrew includes a modest fluency in Modern Hebrew.

      He has held meetings and seminars, worked as an evangelist and teacher in most U.S. states, Puerto Rico, Europe, the Near East, Australia, Africa, South Asia, and the Philippines.

      In 1976, he started a mission to establish new churches in England. Five churches still exist under the leadership of British citizen Alan Marshall whom he trained and ordained as well as other institutions from the work. Mr. Miller directed the mission in England from 1977 until he returned with his family to the USA in 1988.

      Mr. Miller helped start a new church in Groveland, Florida, in May 1990, sponsored by local elders of the Clermont Christian Church, starting first in a home, then a store front, and then also in 1990, a purchased church building. In March of 2002 he was the main speaker at the dedication of their brand new church building.

      He also travels in the USA to hold meetings and seminars. In 1992 he spent three months (March to June) in Europe and Asia and the Philippines, when he established a church in the Filipino community of East London, England. He also held seminars in several U.S. states, (Maine, Vermont, New York, Florida, and Indiana) as well as spending two months with 8 churches in Australia from August to October.

      He presents a special series on the Book of Revelation which has encouraged and enlightened many. He has published two books on the prophecies of the Bible called Revelation: A Panorama of the Gospel Age; pub. 1990; and Zechariah and Jewish Renewal, pub. 1991. Other books by Mr. Miller include Christian Attitudes and Racial Problems, first issued in 1964 and revised and enlarged in 1992. This book refutes the idea that the so -called "Curse of Ham" relates to black races.

      After moving to Atlanta in 1998 the Millers have worked with churches in the black community. While ministering especially with the Collier Heights and Gresham Park churches Mr Miller taught college classes to Walter Poole (and others) for almost 3 years. Walter was ordained to the ministry in November 2001 by the elders of several Atlanta churches in a service led by Mr Miller. Walter now ministers successfully in the Collier Heights church. Mr Miller was ordained in September 2002 and recommended to sister Churches to the work of ministering to local churches by the Elders of the Gresham Park Christian Church in Decatur, GA which is now his sponsoring church.

      Mr. Miller married Charlotte Hobbs in 1953. Charlotte was a 1952 Cum Laude graduate of Milligan College and Teacher of English Language in Eastern Christian College and Dorr Drive School of the Ministry, Rutland, VT. She also directed Dorr Drive Christian Academy (1970-78) and directed Streatham Christian School in London England. (1980-1986) She has been the constant co-laborer of her husband in New England and co-missionary in England. The Millers have six adult children, two of whom are of mixed race, who live in Europe and the USA. Mrs Miller is an accomplished and regionally recognised artist in pen and ink, water color, and oils. One of her paintings was recently featured on the cover of The Country Register a paper circulated throughout the state of Georgia. Mail is sent to them at 10 Valley Drive, Carrollton, GA 30117 Phone 770 214 0627.

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