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Grandchildren make a happy heritage

This is Conor who lives in London, England with his mother Lorraine
and his father who is our son Kenneth

These are pictures of Moriah when he was very young and younger than he is now. He was such a beautifl child and now a handsome young man. Now in college he lives near his mother Cathy (Cass to her friends) who is our daughter and a very successful single parent who was and is doing a wonderful job of mothering and career building.

Laura has already captivated the family and she lives in near London with our son, her Dad George and her Mum Lynne, They also have the brilliant and handsome Ethan

We have another married son:

Our son Fritz married Tami and they adopted Talia and after 11 years of marriage Finn was born to them

in this pic Talia is 3 and Finn is barely 4 months old

We have two others: a son and a daughter:

Our son Van lives in Lives near Atlanta and Manages an Aldi supermarket and our daughter Celia lives in Massachusetts and is employed in the University of Mass. and they don't have kids

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