Column XLVI

The Great Isaiah Scroll 55:8 to 57:2

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I apologise for the misnumbering of the lines on the page above. Rather than recopy the page I have crossed out the mistaken numbers and have inserted the proper numerals.

Physical Characteristics:

This is the 3rd and last page on the 14th strip of leather that makes up the scroll. The seam at the left is slightly unraveled at the top and a bit loose but in good condition. There is a split in the leather that shows up in a line from top to bottom that follows precisely the right margin. This has been pointed out before and is discussed in the introduction. It is quite possible that the Q scribes drew a line to make a strait right margin and then later erased the line but the impression made by marking the line has showed up after time has gone by. Pages with similar lines are listed in the introduction.

 Paragraphs and Spatiums

 The first new paragraph is in line 10 with the beginning of chapter 56. Line 13 = 56:3; and line 23 = 56:10; and line 27 is the first verse in chapter 57. There are spatiums in the following lines: Line 1= 55:9; and line 2 = 55:10; line 4 has a spatium that does not correspond with a current verse. line 6 = 55:12; line 14 1st spatium does not conform but 2nd is vs 56:4; line 17 = 56: 6.

 Editorial marks:

There are two (a pair) horizontal marks in the right margin which mark chapter 56:1 to 56:9 as an important passage to the editor.

Editorial additions to the text:

 There is only one editing addition in line 26 where "gadol" is edited above the line where it was left out. The editing makes it agree with the M text.

 Q Scribal Spelling:

 The spelling of 2mpl suf "kem" spelled "kemah" is seen 2 times in line 2 and continues a few more times for the rest of the page. The addition of "he" to the 3mpl suf "hem: making it "hemah" can be seen in line 16: 3rd word and line 17: 4th word and the 2nd and 3rd words of line 20.. For an example of Q scribe putting aleph for "he" see line 9: 3rd word and line 13: 4th word. An example of putting "he" for aleph where aleph is obviously correct is in the 3rd word of line 19: There "bo'" (come or go) is spelled with "he." For the same also see the 2nd word in line 21.

 Variations in Q from the Masoretic Text:

 Line 1: 5th word: Q = "ke-gavah" prep + noun (as [it is] high[er]) and M = "kiy-gavhu" cj + verb pf 3cpl (as they go high[er])
Line 7: 3rd word: Q = "telku" imp 2mpl (you shall go) and M = "tubalun" verb 6th stem imp 2mpl + euphonic nun (you shall be led )
Line 9: 6th and 7th words: Q = reversal of the order of these words. They are the same as M except that "lashem" has a conj waw in Q.
Line 10: 1st word: Q = an extra word "kiy' " (because) is not in M.
Line 12: 4th word: Q = "me-challelah" inf + 3fs suf and M = "me-challelo" inf + 3ms suf; "shabat" is either fem or masc. Q chose to refer to it as fem.
Line 14: 5th word; Q = "hineh" and M = "hen" 6th word; Q = "'anokiy" and M = "ani"
Line 16: last word: Q = two words "umin banoth" and M = umibbanoth

Lines 17, 18, 19. Compare these two versions of 56:6:

This is the Q version which leaves out much of the verse as it is in M and alters some of the rest of the verse. Compare it with the M version.


The first 5 words are the same in both texts except the prep in Q = "'el" and in M = " 'al" I have marked the phrase beginning with the first YHWH in the text to indicate the next 5 words that are left out of the Q text to the next mark. The would be translated "to serve him and to love the name of YHWH" Then after the word "la-'avediym" (for servants) the phrase "u-le-barek eth shem YHWH" (and to bless the name of YHWH) is in Q at the point where my next mark in the M text is found. Then in Q "ve-shomriym eth ha-shabat" (and the keepers of the Sabbath) corresponds to M "kol shomer shabat" (everyone who keeps the Sabbath) The next word in the sentence (from polluting it) is the same except that in Q the suf is 3fs and in M it is 3ms and the last two words are the same.

 Line 20: 4th word: Q = an extra word not found in M. Q= "ya'alu" (they shall offer up)
Line 22: 3rd from last word: Q = waw cj not in M
Line 23: 1st word: Q = agree with qerey not kituv Last word: Q = an extra word not in M. Q = "hemah" pronoun (they or them).
Line 24: 3rd word: Q = " 'ohaviym" pl abs. (ones loving) and M = " 'ohavey" pl const (ones loving).
Line 26: 2nd word: Q = "ve-niqach" (and we will take) and M = "ve- 'eqchah" (let me take) 4th word Q = aleph left out of the spelling of the word "tesab'ah" (you will be satisfied):
Line 27: 9th word: Q = article "he" not in M
Line 28: 6th word: Q = waw cj. not in M. Last word: Q = "Mishkavotayv" noun mpl + suf 3ms (his beds) and M = "miskabotham" noun mpl + suf 3mpl (their beds).

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