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The Great Isaiah Scroll 65:19 to 66:14

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Physical Characteristics:

This is the first of two pages on the 17th and last strip of leather that makes up the scroll. The page shows some damage due to wear and tear and time. There is a lacuna at the lower right of the page and one word each in the last 2 lines are partially lost. In line 28 "viynaq" is missing from the Q word "viynaqteyhamah" and in line 29 "tenacham" is missing from the Q word "tenachamenu." There are multiple crease marks on this page particularly in the middle of the page some of which slightly obscure some letters. The margin does not follow a straight line after line 25. The page seems to be pulled by warping to the left at the bottom. See the oblique line on the margin of the next page to see this leftward pull on the bottom portion of the page. The text in line 24 extends as far as the margin line of the next page,.

Paragraphs and Spatiums:

New paragraphs begin in line 10: = 1st verse of chapter 66; and in line 17: = 66:5; and in line 19: = 66:6: and in line 24: = 66:10; and in line 27: = 66:12. Spatiums are not significantly large but the do mark verse beginnings in lines 3, 4, 7, 12, and 20.

Editorial marks:

There is a horizontal mark in the right margin under line 16. This mark has a companion on the next page under the 1st line and therefore encompasses verses 66:5 through 14, This is the prophecy of the birth of Zion in one day and the call of the Gentiles into Zion at Jerusalem. Another editor marked the beginning of verse 5 with an X in the right margin.

Editorial additions to the text:

A waw is edited above the 4th word in line 9. Article "he" is added to "arets" in line 10 and to "shor" in line 12 and interrogative "he" to "aniy" in line 22.

.Q Scribal Spelling:

Aleph is added to the end of "amiy' " (my people) in the 4th word in line 1 and again in the 6th word in line 5; and to "mi-sham' " (from there) in the 3rd word in line 2. and in the 5th word in line 4 aleph is added to "piry'am;" Then the 10th word in line 2: is "yimalah" which should be spelled with final aleph and not "he" as it is here. Continue to note all superfluous "he" additions and "hemah" for 3mpl suf "hem." Addition of aleph to the end of prep + 3ms suf "lo' " makes it look like a negative, see last word in line 10. In line 12: Aleph is added to the 4th word and substituted for "he" in the 5th word and the same in the 2nd word in line 13 and is added to the next to last word in line 22 and to the 5th and the 7th words in line 24 and the 1st and 6th words in line 25. and also in line 27: 6th word:
See the introductory page for more information on addition of aleph and "he"

Variations in Q from the Masoretic Text:

Line 1: next to last word: Q has waw cj not in M.
Line 5: last word: Q = "ga'au" pf 3cpl (they shall [not] labor) and M = "yiyg 'u" imp 3cpl (they shall [not] labor).
Line 6: 7th word: Q = "barak" nfs cs (blessing of) and M = "barukey" part masc pl (blessings)
Line 7: last word: Q spells "ze'av" (wolf) without aleph.
Line 8: 4th word: Q = Aramaic phonetic spelling of "ve- 'ariy" cj + n. (lion) but without Aramaic aleph. and M = "ve- 'aryeh" cj + n. (lion) See more on Aramaic spelling in Q.
Line 12 : 7th and 8th words: Q = "ve- he-hored le-divriy" cj + art + part. and prep + nms + suf 1cs. (and the one who trembles at my word) and M = "ve-hored 'al debariy" cj + part + prep upon + nms + suf 1cs (and who trembles at my word). Next to last word: Q = addition of prep 'kaph" (as or like) to part "macah" (strike.)
Line 15: 2nd word: Q = addition of prep beth (in) to this word which is the same in M without the beth, 3rd from last word: Q lacks cj waw found in M.
Line 18: 5th word: Q = "ve-yar'ah" 2nd stem imp 3ms [with superfluous "he"] (and he will appear) and M = "ve-nir 'eh" 2nd stem pf 3ms (and he will appear).
Line 19: 3rd word: Q = "ba-'iyr" prep + n. (in the city) and M = "me-'iyr" prep + n. (from the city)
Line 20: last word: Q = "yar'ah" imp 3ms (he has seen) and M = "ra 'a" pf 3ms (he has seen).
Line 21: 2nd word: Q = "hithchayel" 7th stem pf 3ms (it shall bring forth) and M = "ha-yuchal" interog. "he" + 6th stem 3ms (shall it be brought forth). The context favors the Q reading here.
Line 23: 1st word: Q = "ve- 'e 'atsarah" cj + imp 1cs + superfluous "he" (and I will shut) and M = "ve- 'atsartiy" cj + pf 1cs (and I will shut)
Line 27: 1st word: Q = first word "kiy" in M is missing in Q.
Line 28: 7th word: (4th from last) Q = "tishta 'asha 'u" 7th stem imp 2mpl (you shall be petted) and M = "tesha'asha'u" 3rd stem imp 2mpl (you shall [be] petted).
Line 29: 7th word: Q = "tithnachamu" 7th stem imp 2mpl (you shall be comforted) and M = "tenuchamu" 4th stem imp 2mpl (you shall be comforted).

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