Christian Attitudes and Racial Problems

by Fred P. Miller

This book was first composed in the early 60s and addressed a religious issue which the author felt supported a social abuse. Some conservative Christians, had for many years, taught that people of African descent were continuous recipients of the so-called "Curse of Ham." The "curse," according to them, included black skin and position of servitude. This position rose from a need to justify slavery which resulted in a misinterpretation of the "Curse of Canaan" recorded in Genesis 9. The main purpose of writing the book, originally, was to refute this false doctrine which the author found was still very much alive in the Christian community. He found that even black people believed this poorly thought out and wrongly applied explanation of the "Curse." The main motivation for writing the book was to set the record straight by showing that the "Curse," though real enough, was fulfilled millenniums ago and was not related to Africans of any color. The true exposition of the "Curse of Canaan." (there is no "Curse of Ham" in the Bible) may also be found in some other exegetical studies but probably not in the detail and clarity with which it is treated here. Although the social attitudes that accompanied the first edition of this work have changed greatly there is still a decided need for this material to be read by Christians who may be exposed to false teaching about race.

The author and his wife adopted two mixed afro-anglo babies in the late 1950's. In this revised edition some biographical information related to the court case they fought to overturn a ruling against interracial adoption in the state of Vermont is included in the text. There are also chapters on basic prejudices and interracial marriage,-- the latter includes historical backgrounds of the family of Moses' wife, a black woman.

But the main issue in the book is a study showing how the "Curse" was fulfilled in its twofold dimension. The "Curse" prophetically states that it would be fulfilled in the subjection and enslavement of the Canaanite people by two separate branches of Humanity,-- the Semitic and the Japhetic branches. The record of the former or Semetic fulfillment is in the Bible. This is carefully traced. The record of the Japhetic fulfillment is a part of historical record, but only after the archaeologist Garstang, whose work was completed by Gurney, had done the research in the ruins of the ancient Hittite Empire in central Anatolia.

Members of several black churches contributed to the publication costs of this book, but as one "brother" said "we don't need to read this book, we already know it by experience." However it is written to inform white people of things that they should think about but about which they are indifferent . Black people can benefit from the book but the message is mainly for those in the majority caste who are more impassive and apathetic than concerned about good or evil in America's black community. This book will help you away from a lukewarm, careless, or dispassionate, attitude toward a pressing spiritual and social issue of our times.

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