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Greetings and Welcome aboard!!

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Permit me to introduce myself . . . Now a Floridian, my roots are buried deep in a little Minnesota town nestled on the US-Canadian border by the name of Baudette. It's the county seat for Lake of the Woods County, that funny stovepipe (mostly covered by water) you've seen jutting into both Ontario and Manitoba. Prior to the annexation of Alaska, this plot of earth was the most northern region in our country! -- and a tad cold in the winter!

Currently I have just received a replacement for my beautiful baby who was attacked and brutally murdered by a vicious truck who ran a red light and . . . We're becoming fast friends and are both anxious to "hit the road". Hope the gas prices don't start rising.. . . .  

Who Am I ??? Well . . . I am a

MUSICIAN -- I love to perform and entertain -- which really doesn't make me much different from most other musicians, I guess, and I have a passion to create. I usually produce works for singers. Although I don't hold with the popular notion that singers can't count, I do concede, however, they tend to be a bit more . . EXPRESSIVE !!!!

 The bulk of my efforts are sacred solo and choral works, but I've been known to knock off a rousing march or schmaltzy ballad when the spirit moves me. What you're hearing now is my theme song, "For You, Love," written for my #1 fan, my father.

I am active in Orlando's Sigma Alpha Iota Alumnae, and just for fun I continue to maintain my membership in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Musician's Union, although I'm no longer playing professionally. 

GREEK -- I am a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority and sit on the Corporation Board for Beta Tau in Gainesville. Through the efforts of sisters everywhere, Sigmas make a significant contribution to the battle against Altzheimer's Disease -- a catastrophic disease that is indifferent to race, religion or economic status. It struck our former President, Ronald Reagan, and threatens us all!   As you visit the Altzheimer Web Page , please take a little extra time to reflect on this dreaded disease. Should you have any questions, please e-mail me. I'll be glad to answer your questions, and if I can't, I'll find someone who can!

Thank you. Your support and understanding is greatly appreaciated ! !

SHOPKEEPER and called my store "Picture Maker" cuz that's what we do. Did I say "we" . . ? . Oops, sorry, I mean they do - and very well, too. However they only will let me use a point 'n shoot camera ! It sure is hard on the old ego sometimes.  Located in Roseville, Minnesota, Picture Maker is working on a web page. As soon as it is done, I'll create a link!

LANDLORD -- and lucky to have rental condos next door to Universal Studios Florida  -- a very, very busy place,   but as of yet, Clint Eastwood isn't begging to sign a run-of-his-life lease . . .                                                      Rats!

ANIMAL LOVER-- I probably owned (or lived in ) a zoo in a "former life", and I currently live with two Yorkies, Tom Terrific and Tina the Tiny Tornado. They love to travel, and at three and five pounds, fit nicely under the seat in front of me when we fly! Tina loves visitors. She's learning to say 'hello'. Tom, of course, pretends that he's brave but is really afraid of his own shadow!

Oops!!! I keep forgetting to admit that I also belong to a thirteen year old, Blue-Cream Point Himalayan named Priscilla Charmin (PrisC for short) who hates to travel but loves to eat!

                                                                                                     She also loves boxes . . .  

MOVIE MANIAC --I am an old movie addict. I love the kind of films that are rarely made anymore -- fun films that entertain and put a song in your heart and a lilt in your step. With today's technology, wouldn't some of those old Busby Berkley musical numbers be fantastic???? One of my favorite movies was "Annie Get Your Gun" with Betty Hutton and Howard Keel. I understand that Irving Berlin hated the movie. Because he didn't like it, Mr. Berlin had it taken off the market, and it's been tied up ever since! -- if anyone knows what to do to get it released, please let me know! What's your favorite film and why???

FINALE... Although we haven't begun to touch on subjects as important as global warming, pro football ( Go Vikings !!!! ), the art of telling a good joke (or remembering one), gourmet cooking, dieting, fishing, politics, religion,fear of flying, genetics, contract bridge, figure skating, or quitting smoking. . . I'm confident we'll get around to it in the future.

I want to make this a surprise link. Who knows what's hiding here or for how long??? Check often as I plan to change this frequently!!!  

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