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Isaiah Commentary: You will find material here not found in other commentaries presented in a style that anyone interested in Scripture can understand. The discussion of Hebrew terms, when cited, is made as clear as possible for an English reader. I hope you find the answers you are looking for and more. These files are copyrighted. You are welcome to copy them for your own study or for teaching. Please ask permission before copying for reproducion in multiples.

I welcome all questions, criticism and comment, in fact, encourage it, as discussion usually leads to further study (and greater understanding) of God's Word.

Jesus said:
Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life:
and they are they which testify of me. John 5:39

Isaiah 1-2 Introduction to the Prophecies of Isaiah
Isaiah 3-6 Preaching Rather than Prophecy
Historical backgrounds The Historical Context of Isaiah 7 - 12
Isaiah 7-8 Imminent End of Damascus and Israel
Isaiah 9 with Hebrew inserts The Most Important Lesson in this Series
Isaiah 10 Comments: Fall of Assyria Return of Israel
Isaiah 11-12 The "Day" of the Nazarene
Isaiah 13-14 The Fall of Babylon
Isaiah 14-18 A Group of Oracles
Isaiah 19 A Temple Built in Egypt
Isaiah 20 The Uselessness of Trusting in Egypt and Ethiopia
Isaiah 21 Three Miscellaneous Visions
Isaiah 22 Prediction of the Siege of Jerusalem by Sennacherib
Isaiah 23 A Panorama of the Future of Tyre
Isaiah 24 - 26 The End of the World
Isaiah 27 The Context of Leviathan's (Satan) End
Isaiah 28-29 Introduction of the Coming Siege
Isaiah 30- 32 Prophecies One Year Before the Siege: Part 1
Isaiah 33 Prophecies One Year Before the Siege: Part 2
Isaiah 34-35 No Disappointment for Those Who Trust in Zion
Isaiah 36 - 39 The History of the Siege of Jerusalem by Sennacherib
Isaiah 40 - 45 Cyrus' Coming is a Comfort to God's People
Isaiah 46 - 47 Final Prophecies About Babylon
Isaiah 48 YHWH & Holy Spirit Send One Who was Present at Creation
Isaiah 49 After Babylon Look for the Messiah
Isaiah 50-52 Come Home and After Babylon Look for the Messiah
Isaiah 53 The Suffering Messiah (a good link)
Isaiah 54 -59 The Kingdom of Zion
Introduce Isaiah 60 to 66 The Messianic Mission (a good link)
Isaiah 60 - 61 The Branch Will Bring Glory to Zion
Isaiah 62 The New Name.
Isaiah 63 Garments Bloody from the Winepress
Isaiah 64 Eye has Not Seen
Isaiah 65 The Final Review.
Isaiah 66 Zion Brings Forth: The Birth of the Church

Directory for The Great Qumran Isaiah Scroll

An apology for this translation of Isaiah

Fred Miller's Translation of Isaiah

Difficulties encountered in interpreting Isaiah

Interaction of Assyrian Kings with Israel and Judah
A Refutation of Qumran Conspiracy Theory

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