Map 11

Central Italy enlarged. Notice the extension of Papal dominion into the Tyrol.

Map number 11: in 1789 shows the map of Europe just before the overthrow of the old order. The Holy Roman Empire and Papal States are still the dominant force at the threshold of the French Revolution. Note that beside Papal States and The Holy Roman Empire there are huge areas in black that are church lands in central Europe. No wonder there was a revolution. The Holy Roman Empire is just short of 1,000 years old at this time. The Papal States' temporal rule over land in central Italy, by a continuous line of Popes, is over 1,000 year old at this time. That is a long time to hold continuous unbroken authority. In this book we have made it a point of importance to show that this feudal authority should have been broken by the Protestant Revolt, but was not. Read the chapter on the Little Book to see why.

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