Map 13

Central Italy enlarged showing the restoration of the Papal States by the Congress of Vienna.

Map number 13: shows Europe after 1815 and the Congress of Vienna, which tried but failed to revive the old order after Napoleon had made such a mess of it. Nationalism was clearly the wave of the future, however, the Papal States were taken from the French armies and given back into the Pope's hands by these European statesmen at Vienna, as clearly marked on this map. The Pope was restored after a brief interruption to still be a temporal ruler with statehood, although seriously weakened, by the events of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars. These were the first blows to his temporal authority. According to the scheme in Revelation, historical interpreters of the period were looking for the end of the 1260 years ` and the end of the Turkish woe, the sounding of the 7th trumpet to be followed historically by the loss of the Papal States and temporal authority for the Pope as the next step. They were not disappointed. See the chapter in this book on the pouring out of the bowls. Notice also, the Turkish Ottoman Empire still makes a formidable appearance on this map, but this is the last time she will appear strong.

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