The Number 666

Appendix D.

Incredibly the sum of the value of the letters of the name Roman is 666 in both Biblical languages. We say "Roman" has the number 666. This is true if we understand that the name "Roman" in Greek has a different configuration than it does in English, or German, Latin, Spanish, or any other language. This explains why Hippolytus would have said accurately that "Latinus" has the number while it literally does not have the number in the Latin language or Latin configuration of the name. Hippolytus took for granted that his readers knew that the Greek form of the name, Lateinos, the language in which the New Testament is written, has the number, and thus, just as we in English knowing, these facts, would say "Roman" has the number 666, so Hippolytus said the same of "Latinus."

On the following pages are the numerical equivalents of the letters in both the Greek and Hebrew alphabets. The Greek is from Robertson's Greek Grammar, listed in the Bibliography. The Hebrew numerical equivalents appear in Harrison, R.K., D.D.; Biblical Hebrew; also listed in the Bibliography, and show the incredible coincidence that the name "Roman" in its Hebrew feminine form also contains letters whose sum is 666. The chart illustrating this fact is from Bishop Newton; On the Prophecies; published first in 1758. Therefore this is no new idea among Bible students. It is merely a forgotten interpretation due to the current popularity of doctrines which have little antiquity. This information is thoroughly explained and enlarged on in chapter two.

The small chart at the right in the page below which gives the Greek and Hebrew forms of the word Roman is taken from Bishop Newton's commentary on Revelation first published in 1750. This information has been a part of general protestant knowledge for centuries. It is a fact greatly to be regretted that an historical amnesia has befallen the current generation of protestant interpreters of Revelation.

The page above has a photocopy of Greek numerals and box of Newton's Hebrew and Greek numerals for Roman. Greek Alphabet. photocopy from Robertson's Greek Grammar

This Page below has the numerical value of Hebrew letters. The feminine form of the name Roman in Hebrew has the value of 666. Empire and Beast are both feminine in Hebrew therefore the feminine form would be used for Roman Empire or Roman Beast

Hebrew alphabet. photocopy from a Text Book.

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