Column XI

The Great Isaiah Scroll 11:12 to 14:1

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Physical characteristics:

This is the last of four pages on the 3rd sheet of the scroll.. The seam and sewing is visible at the left of the page. There are no missing words due to lacunae. As in other seams the sewing seems to be a repair as well as a finer original area where no sewing is visible especially in the bottom 5th of the page. The margin is markedly slanted on this page more than any other page up to this one. The right margin at the bottom is shifted to the left more than a full centimeter. The first letter on the page is obscured by surface chipping, It is a lamed.

An Interesting Mark:

Between lines 26 to 29 at the right side of the page near the bottom there is a smudge which looks like the ink was disturbed before it dried. It is possible that the smudge may be a finger print made by the scribe when moving the scroll before it dried. A more readily seen finger print can be seen on Scroll Page 44 which has two possible prints on it. Scroll Page 45 has a similar smudge in the same location on the page.

Paragraphs and Spatiums Paragraphs end on lines 6, 11, and 24 Chapter 12 begins on line 7 and extends to line 11. Line 12 is the beginning of Chapter 13. Line 25 begins vs 13:17. The spatiums are in lines 1, 4, 26, 30. The spatium in line 1 begins vs 11:13 in line 4 is 11:15; line 26 is 13:19 and chapter 14 begins in the spatium of line 30.

Word omitted in line 1: Vs 12 For the 4th from last word the Masoretic has "me;- a'rba' kenaphoth" (from the four corners). Q leaves out the word four ("a'rba' ") and reads: "me:-kenaphoth" (from the corners).

Editorial additions and variation of Q from Masoretic:
Line 7: missing letter: 4th word: Beside the missing letter the suffix is not 3fs as in Q. The Masoretic has " 'odka" instead of the Q " 'odah" The missing letter is waw. Something (a water mark) erased the letter here and obscured a letter (probably a waw) in the line directly above
Line 7: 7th and 10th words have a "he" appended to the end of the word not in the Masoretic. It is euphonic and syllabic not a suffix.
An extra word: Line 7 vs 12:2 Last two words: In the phrase in the received text; "God is my salvation." The word (God) "e'l" is written twice in Q.
Line 8 has a "he" written over the word YHWH which would never take an article. It appears in Q that the "he" is a 3f suffix added to the preceding word, which is "ve-zimratiy" but this is not acceptable construction The "he" in Masoretic is a part of "yah" (yod he) which is translated Lord. Q does not show the separation. The next word on the same line after "yah YHWH" is 3ms verb to be in the Masoretic it is jussive or imp "va-yehiy" -- in Q it is pf 3ms "hayah' " with an aleph sufformed.
Line 8: 4th from last word is first word of vs 12:3 has a "he" added to 2mpl suffix.
Line 9: (vs 12:4) 2nd word: " 'amartah" in Q is " 'amartem" in Masoretic and 5th word " 'odo" in Q is "hodo" in the Masoretic.
Line 10 2nd word There is a letter "sin" written over the word "ngb" The Masoretic reading is "nisgav."
Line 10 and 2nd word: from last. The words "bath Tsion" (daughter of Zion) was written by the scribe. A short stroke over "bath" crosses it out and the reading "yosheveth Tsion" (inhabitant of Zion) is written above.
Line 14 - 9th word In Q aleph omitted, "nesaphiym" shoud be "ne-'asaphiym" be gathered. 2nd stem m. pl. part
Line 18: a misspelling: vs 13:9: (aleph gimmel zayin resh yod) 'agzariy in Q should be 'akzariy.
Line 19 - 6th word Q = y'aiyru M = yahe:llu
Line 20 7th word There are 2 waws in avonam. noun with masc. pl suf. "their evil" the extra waw is added to show that waw in this word has a consonantal value.
Line 25 and 9th word Q has 3ms imp. "yichshub" while Masoretic has 3mpl imp "yichshubu"
Line 26 extra word: (vs 13:18) 2nd word "ve'al" in Q is not in received text.
Line 28: (vs 13:20) 6th word is obscured by a water mark: it should be "yahael." 5th from last word "yarbitso" has a yod edited above it to make "yarbiytso."
Line 29 has a yod written over the 2nd from last word (aleph mayim). The word Isles should actually have two yods as does the Masoretic.

A Horizontal mark: sets off the beginning of chapter 12 on line 6.

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