Appendix B.
What Is Wrong With That Statue?

Daniel 2: contains the vision of the statue that Nebuchadnezzar saw. The purpose was to foretell the future of the world system that Nebuchadnezzar had started. History should look like a statue and be proportionate to the statue or it will not look like a statue. In the picture at right is a standard Futurist interpretation of the vision. The grotesque caricature itself should indicate that there is something wrong with the interpretation. For the approximate historical times of 70 years for the head, 200 for the chest 200 plus for the loins and over 500 years for the legs and feet. But the Futurist believes the little stone has not hit the feet as yet. Consequently the toes are over 1500 years long and still growing. The system has to be wrong.

To be fair, the artist has pictured here a statue that has toes that are only seven years long though in actual fact those toes began to grow at the time of the fall of Rome in 476. Thus, most of the church age is left out of the chart as unimportant! The grotesqueness of the chart resulting from this position is obviously strained and should cause the artist himself to see that something has to be wrong. If the proper proportions were used it would take at least another page to draw the toes, even if the artist's view of history were used!

Other charts that illustrate the same position use the same lateral position. Since the toes are so deformed that standing is impossible, the statue is shown lying down. I have seen the same lateral position in other charts, due to the feet being cut off the statue and moved away from the ankles, down the chart in an attempt to be proportionate. In that case, history looks like a statue with his feet cut off, instead of solving the problem by making long toes. These forced attempts make the interpreters mistake clear. Others who leave out the statue and use graphs are seen to be just as disproportionate. They give the proper proportions for the four empires, using one third of the chart for the four empires but then leave out the church age or give one eighth inch to the two thousand years of church history and the rest of the two thirds of the chart for the last seven years of the world, during which, according to them, all the symbols of seals, trumpets, and bowls, in the book of Revelation, are to be fulfilled! Yes it is true! All the symbols, according to them, depict seven years!

The position of the Futurist has to be wrong simply because the figures and symbols that are given in the prophecies are so grotesquely destroyed. The figures in the prophecies fit naturally and proportionately when the church is seen as the kingdom of God and the church age is seen in conjunction with the progression of the prophetic symbols. The symbol in Daniel two is one of a statue predicting future history, not a statue with deformed toes! The interpretation of this statue is covered in the second chapter of this book.

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