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Zechariah and Jewish Renewal: From Gloom to Glory

A Commentary on the Book of Zechariah

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Many believe that all Glorification of Israel prophecies are fulfilled in the coming of the Messiah in the person of Jesus of Nazareth and his calling the Gentiles into the spiritual Zion of the church. Others believe that Glorification of Israel prophecies have not been fulfilled as yet and they see much of Zechariah as an "end time" prophecy.

The view taken here:

The basic proposition of this commentary is that Glorification of Israel Prophecies given by Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and others, centuries before Zechariah's life time, began to be fulfilled with the founding of the second commonwealth called Judah (into which all 12 tribes were restored) and the founding of the second temple into which the "Glory of the Lord" (commonly called The Shekina) returned and indwelled in the same measure that it inhabited the first Temple and Tabernacle. And further it would be "in those days and that time that YHWH would raise up a righteous Branch unto David. There are many startling prophecies in this book about the nation of Israel and the Messiah to come.I hope you find the answers here that will be a blessing to you, These files are copyrighted. You are welcome to copy them for your own study or for teaching. Please ask permission before copying for reproducion in multiples. A paper bound book is available of these files A course of study with 21 lessons is also available.

Zechariah is a prophecy, much of which can easily be understood, if you are acquainted with the historical context of the writer, -- Zechariah. Therefore the first introductory chapters are must reading. For the student who really wants to know the message of the prophet Zechariah the chapters that are preliminary will provide the background. They are "must reading."

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Jesus said:
Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life:
and they are they which testify of me. John 5:39

Introductory Chapters:

Preface Please Read

Chapters 1 - 5 Introduction to the Prophecies of Zechariah
The Shekinah History of the Indwelling Glory
Chapter 7 The Restoration of Israel
Chapter 8 and 9 The David and Branch Prophecies

A Verse by verse Commentary of the Prophet Zechariah

Zecharian One The World at Rest, Don't Fear Opposition
Zecharian Two The Restrained Political Power of Former Oppressors and Come Home, I have Returned
Zechariah Three A Renewed and Cleansed Priesthood
Zechariah FourTwo Olive Trees Provide Fuel for The Menorah
Zechariah Five National Besetting Sins Sent Back to Babylon
Zechariah Six We Looked Again, More Diligently, Still Calm
Zechariah Seven The Partially Completed Temple
Zechariah Eight The Return of the Shekinah
Zechariah Nine Secular EventsAffecting the Yishuv in Nations Round About During the Golden Age Reaching to the Messiah
Zechariah Ten Continuing and Multiple Aliyahs will Result in a Large Population
Zechariah Eleven Messiah's Kingdom will See the Loss of the Jews
Zechariah Twelve The Pierced Messiah
Zechariah Thirteen Wounded Hands in the House of My Own Social Group
Zechariah Fourteen Mountain Moving Experiences

Olivet Split A synopsis of my commentary made by Allan Ashurst of Manchester England, with addenda. Well done.

Supplimentary Chapters which Help in Understanding Zechariah

Chapter XXV Historical Circumstances Relating to Judah Whose bands of Brotherhood Have Been Broken With Israel
Chapter XXVI Oral Law and Traditions
Chapter XXVI I The Institution of the Sanhedrin is Further Evidence of an Oral Law
Chapter XXVIII Further Evidence of Oral Law Extending through the New Testament Period
Chapter XXIX Only a Jewish Mind Can Say What Jews Believe: A Discussion of the Mishnah
Chapter XXX Will an Independent Jewish State Result in a Restored Temple?
Chapter XXXI Will Jews Accept Jesus as the Messiah

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