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Setup for some common Internet software

This page will try to help you setup some of the common Internet software found on your computer and the Internet. For all occurances of username, replace it with the username that you provided when you signed up. The same thing with with your password, where it asks for your password, enter the password you provided when you signed up.
Remember, all this software is provided by companies that have websites that may answer many of your questions. At the end of all the setup instructions are links to these sites.

Setup Internet Access:

Setup E-mail software:

Setup Multiple Mail Accounts with:

Publish/upload or FTP your homepage files with:

NOTE: The following instructions are for publishing to personal web sites. These exact instructions will not work for commercial domain sites. You may, however, find the setup instructions useful as a reference to the operation of the program. For publishing to commercial domain name sites refer to
Setting up your domain on Access Orlando in our Customer Support section.
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